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Maco small light grey ash bowl 16cm

One of our favourite discoveries has been this fine collection of hand turned Italian ash bowls with an external eggshell finish in lovely subtle shades of grey and green. They come from the Strena Valley in Verbania, Italy.
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Height (mm) 78
Diameter (mm) 160
Material Ash
Microwave safe No
Dishwasher safe No
Way back in 1861 in Fornero, a village of Valstrona, narrow valley that from Omega, (town situated on the banks of Lake Orta), rises to Campello Monti, Piana is Gaudenzio which begins the tradition of woodworking thanks to a first rudimentary lathe called a "pole" allowing to realize the first manufactured in series. From generation to generation the tradition of wood turning was handed down to the present day and thus arrive at the fifth generation. The company "The Gaudenzi", now run by brothers Sebastian and Emanuele Michele Piana, recovering the historical name of the company founded to 'beginning of the twentieth century, with twenty years experience producing the most diverse articles in wood for the house, the kitchen and Gifts using the most precious woods.
Wooden items used for serving or preparing food should be washed under running water. They should never be immersed in water or washed in a dishwasher, as soaking may cause the wood to warp or split. They should be dried immediately with a towel, not left to drain. To maintain the condition of wooden items, a small quantity of edible oil may be rubbed into the wood. Wooden items should be kept away from sources of heat and bright sunlight as these may cause the wood to warp.