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Manzoni Pietro blue low fruit bowl 42cm


Manzoni Pietro is a family-run company in Bergamo, Italy, specialising in handmade woodware.

High quality hardwoods are used and each item is hand finished and firebranded 'M'.

New additions to the range are fruit and salad bowls in a striking range of colours, and a large multi-colour banded bowl reminiscent of postmodern designs by Ettore Sottsass and the Memphis group.

The water-based varnish finish gives the simply shaped wooden bowls and platters a particularly lovely sheen.

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Diameter (mm) 420
Material Italian hardwood
Microwave safe No
Dishwasher safe No
The Pietro Manzoni & C.snc, Bergamo house specializing in artistic works of wood, can be considered a typical family business: in fact founded in 1955 by Pietro Manzoni; currently is led and managed by the collaboration of three of his eight children, who bought his father's passion and love for woodworking.
Wooden items used for serving or preparing food should be washed under running water. They should never be immersed in water or washed in a dishwasher, as soaking may cause the wood to warp or split. They should be dried immediately with a towel, not left to drain. To maintain the condition of wooden items, a small quantity of edible oil may be rubbed into the wood. Wooden items should be kept away from sources of heat and bright sunlight as these may cause the wood to warp.