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David Mellor key designs

Pride cutlery.
1953 Pride cutlery - Silver plate
Designed when David Mellor was still a student at the Royal College of Art, London. Included in the first Design Centre Awards in 1957 and in production ever since.
Bus shelter in Galvanised steel.
1959 Bus shelter - Galvanised steel
Used nationally from 1959. David Mellor was responsible for the first modern street furniture in Britain.
'Embassy' teapot in Silver.
1963 Embassy teapot - Silver
Part of a large scale government commission to Mellor for handmade silver tableware for British embassies.
'Canteen' cutlery.
1965 Thrift cutlery - Stainless steel
Government commissioned as the standard cutlery for office canteens, hospitals, prisons, British Rail etc. Mellor cut down the traditional 11-piece setting to a basic 5-piece set.
UK national traffic lights.
1966 National traffic light system
Commissioned by the Department of the Environment. Mellor's design is still in use throughout the UK
Square pillar box in Post Office red.
1966 Square pillar box - Cast iron
Commissioned by the Post Office. The design aroused controversy as a departure from the traditional pillar box.
Bronze fountain in situ at the University Botanic Garden, Cambridge.
1968 Bronze fountain University Botanic Garden, Cambridge
Throughout the 1960s Mellor combined special one-off commissions in silver and other metals with street furniture and industrial design.
Disposable cutlery in white plastic.
1969 Disposable cutlery - White plastic
Designed for Cross Paperware and made in millions.
Chinese ivory cutlery.
1977 Chinese Ivory - Stainless steel with acetal resin handles
An iconic design of the period. Design Council Award, 1977.
Cutlery for those with a physical disability.
1986 Cutlery for people with a physical disability
Ergonomically designed as part of the Helen Hamlyn Foundation's campaign to improve living standards for elderly people.
'Paris' cutlery in stainless steel.
1993 Paris cutlery - Stainless steel
Designed by David Mellor and manufactured at the Round Building, using a high degree of hand finishing.
'City' cutlery in stainless steel.
1998 City cutlery - Stainless steel
One of David Mellor's most spectacular designs which exploits the latest technological advances to arrive at its unique sculptural form.
'Transit' folding trolley in chromed steel.
1999 Transit folding trolley - Chromed steel
Designed for the Italian manufacturer, Magis.
Stainless steel kitchen knifes.
2002 Kitchen knives - Stainless steel
A professional collection of kitchen knives that were manufactured in the Round Building at Hathersage, near Sheffield.
'Minimal' cutlery in stainless steel.
2003 Minimal cutlery - Stainless steel
Probably David Mellor's most innovative cutlery. This is a basic place set - 1 knife, 1 fork, 3 spoons - superbly well made in luxury materials.
'Pride' cutlery in stainless steel.
2005 Pride - Stainless steel
David Mellor's earliest and most famous cutlery is now available in hand- finished, mirror polished stainless steel.