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Chelsea stainless steel

Chelsea stainless steel

Corin Mellor’s first cutlery design, designed in 2011, was a real breakthrough. Though it shows the influence of his father David Mellor, with whom he worked for many years, Chelsea has its own striking individuality.

There are overtones of classic English 18th century cutlery in the satisfying shape of the hollow handled knife while the forks and spoons have a beautiful fluidity. A year in development, many prototypes were made to perfect the form and function of each item, with special attention paid to the balance in the hand.

Corin Mellor’s Chelsea cutlery is very finely detailed with subtle variations of thickness. Its classic shapes and satin finish make it suitable for both modern and traditional interiors and dining styles. The range of items is exceptionally comprehensive.

The special character of Chelsea made it the natural choice for use in many modern restaurants including our own Design Museum café and since its introduction it has fast become one of our most popular ranges.

Knife blades are made from high carbon stainless steel for a superior cutting edge.

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